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Abba Eban
"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

The Report of the U.N. Brundtland Commission, Our Common Future, 1987
"Then I say the Earth belongs to each generation during its course, fully and in its right no generation can contract debts greater than may be paid during the course of its existence"

Thomas Jefferson, September 6, 1789
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All participants are required to check the official website of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia to see whether they are required to obtain a Croatian visa when entering Croatia:

All third-country nationals who are holders of valid Schengen documents, as well as national visas and residence permits of Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Romania do not require an additional (Croatian) visa for Croatia.

The period of validity of the above-mentioned Schengen, Bulgarian, Cypriot, and Romanian documents must cover the duration of the transit or stay.

Passport has to be valid for at least another three months after the planned departure from Croatia and issued within the previous 10 years.

visa policy Click on the picture for larger preview (source: Wikipedia).

Participants who require a visa for Croatia need to select the “Visa letter” option in the conference registration system. The Conference will issue a certified Invitation letter, necessary to apply for a visa, only to registered authors with accepted papers and settled fees.

Please respect the deadline for settling the fee in case you need a visa (July 11th), select this option in the system (reduced and special reduced fees will be charged with an additional visa fee) and once you've made arrangements for your travel to Croatia, fill out the data necessary for generating your Invitation letter on the following link:

SDEWES2019 Visa letter application


  • DO NOT fill out the data until it’s complete (first book your flight and accommodation, find out in which embassy will you start the procedure and renew your passport if expired)
  • Visa letters will be issued in a PDF form as an Invitation letter, not in the official form of a Guarantee letter. In cooperation with Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassies will be notified of participants' applications in advance and will accept the PDF version of the visa letter.
  • Conference cannot issue Invitation letters to accompanying persons, they can apply for a tourist visa.
  • Invitation letter can be issued only for the duration of the Conference +1 day before and after the conference.

Participants can fill out the visa application form on-line at Printed and filled out application form, along with other required documents, should be submitted to the competent Croatian Embassy/Consulate or visa centre or through an accredited tourist agency.

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact Ms. Iva Gavran,


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